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Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)


The CGU has set as one of its priorities the establishment of COIL initiatives among its members. In order to identify best practices and perspectives, a COIL working group has been created. The following institutions are currently involved:


- Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM, Mexico)

- University of León (Spain)

- University of Minho (Portugal)


- UNESP (Brazil)


If your institution wants to join this team, please, write to grupo.compostela@usc.es.

If you teach a course where you would like to use this kind of methology and you are looking for a partner, we can help you out. Please, download this form, fill in it, and send it to grupo.compostela@usc.es.


New call for COIL initiatives open!

The purpose of this call is to encourage those lecturers willing to start a Collaborative Online International Learning project inside any subject course in collaboration with other lecturers from another CGU member university.

We have now seven available courses. The details can be consulted on our Intranet:

  • Business English I - Proposed by the University of Oviedo
  • Research on Real Remote Lab and MOOCs - Proposed by the University of Cádiz
  • Languages and Translation (English, Spanish, German) - Proposed by the University of Oviedo
  • Energy from biomass - Proposed by the University of the Basque Country
  • Intercultural communication - Proposed by the University of Monterrey
  • International marketing - Proposed by the University of Monterrey
  • Globalization and cultural change - Proposed by the University of Monterrey


Those lecturers who are interested on starting a collaboration initiative only have to send an email to grupo.compostela@usc.es.



More information: