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Erasmus Without Paper launch conference at Ghent University


The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) launch conference will take place at Ghent University (Belgium) from 12th to 13th December 2018.


EWP is a spin-off of an Erasmus+ project about creating a European electronic network for student data exchange among Higher Education Institutions, in a first instance for student data connected with Erasmus+ credit mobility. In this project, coordinated by Ghent University, the Compostela Group of Universities is an associate partner in the dissemination of the project and its results.


During the conference, EWP network will be presented in an operational way, learning how to use it. Besides, relationship to the Digital Revolution in Higher education and its future role in Europe and beyond will be highlighted.


If you cannot make it to the conference, it will be live-streamed at https://is.gd/ewpconference12 and https://is.gd/ewpconference13.