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MUST Week 2018 at Masaryk University


MUST Week 2018 will take place at Masaryk University in the months of April, May and September.

Masaryk University offers partner institutions a chance to participate in its training week, MUST Week under Erasmus+ programme or other programmes. In 2018 the training programmes will include:

International Relations. April 9-13, 2018. Aimed for staff working in international relations offices (IRO) or other departments who are dealing with issues occurring by the international dimension of Higher Education. The training, provided by the Centre for International Cooperation of Masaryk University (MU), will accept a maximum of 40 participants.

Application deadline is 31st January 2018. Read the preliminary programme here!

Services for students with special needs. May 14-18, 2018. Teiresias - MU Centre for students with special needs will provide the training based on the topic “Universal Design for Learning”. A maximum of 16 participant will be accepted for this training.

Application deadline is 28 February 2018. Read the preliminary programme here!

Libraries. September 3-7, 2018. The main topic this year is the activity of academic libraries in the support of science and research. This activity, organised by MU Libraries united program, will accept up to 10-20 participants.

Application deadline is 28 February 2018. Read the preliminary programme here!

Application process

To learn more about the application process for MUST week visit the website of Masaryk University.