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The Compostela Group of Universities reveals the winners of the VI International Video and I Research Pitches contests

Through online voting in June, the jury of the VI International Video and I Research Pitches contests decided to award the works of the candidates of the University Jaume I, Kazimieras Simonavicius University and University of the Basque Country.

The jury, composed by five representatives of the member Universities and the president and vice-president of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), agreed to reward with the 1st prize of the VI International Video Contest the work of a group of students belonging to the University Jaume I. The video ‘It is your choice’ illustrates how students can end up getting a good job. The representative of the authors of the video, Fran Andújar, explained that “it was an honour” to receive the award.

The 2nd prize recognises the video ‘Diversity fosters creativity’, created by Augustė Paulauskaitė from the Kazimieras Simonavicius University, that features the answers of a group of people to the question: what would you like to have in your dream job?. She revealed that doing the video allowed her to get to know the members of her University and to discover that “everyone can be creative”.

As for the Research Pitches Contest, the 1st prize went to the researcher Maialen Urbieta of the University of the Basque Country for her pitch ‘A study of multilingual writing’. Her research wants to prove if theories pointing out that bilingualism is positive and bilingual students will have a higher score in languages are accurate.

The 2nd prize awarded to Lorena Bort of the University Jaume I for her pitch ‘Learning English for dyslexic students’. Her investigation focuses on understanding how the brain works in order to improve the English language acquisition processes for dyslexic students.

The 3rd prize recognizes the work of another researcher from the University Jaume I. On the video of the pitch ‘How to make happiness easier’, Maria Josefina Peláez explains how her research would help organizations to increase the happiness of their employees. She explains that several investigations show that happy workers are more productive and present higher levels of performance.

Members of the jury

The Jury of the VI International Video and I Research Pitches contests was chaired by the President of the CGU, Marek Kreglewski, and composed by the following members:

    • The Vice-president of the CGU and Vice-rector for Internationalisation, Cooperation and Multilingualism at the University Jaume I in Castellón (Spain), Inmaculada Fortanet Gómez.
    • The Professor of the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lódz (Poland), Tomasz Domański.
    • The Pro-vice-chancellor at Karlstad University (Sweden), Thomas Blom.
    • The Director of Research at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Peru), Alfredo García Quesada.
    • The Director of the Service of Visual Media (SERVIMAV) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Olga Fontán Maquieira.
    • The Director of PhD, Mastership and Posgraduate Degrees at the Vice-rectory of Research and Posgraduate Programmes at Colombus University (Republic of Panama), Jean Paul Carrera.


The Executive Secretary of the CGU, María Teresa Carballeira Rivera, acted as the secretary of the jury.