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The Compostela Group of Universities present at NAFSA 2017


More than 20 member Universities at NAFSA’s annual conference in Los Angeles represent the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU). During the conference, the CGU is organizing two main activities: the Compostela Dinner and the Universitates Compostelam.


The Compostela Dinner will gather all the representatives of the member Universities around a table on the evening of the 29th May. This dinner will be an opportunity to break the ice and start doing some networking before the start of the International Education Exposition.


At the International Education Exposition, the member Universities of the CGU will distribute informative materials about the association and the activities and projects in which the CGU is currently involved.


Universitates Compostelam


Besides, the Compostela Group of Universities in collaboration with Xunta de Galicia, the regional government of Galicia, will organize the Universitates Compostelam. The objective of this activity is that visitors to NAFSA, like the pilgrims who walk Saint James Way, come to the exhibitors of the CGU member Universities to complete their "pilgrim’s passport" with six stamps. The participants will take part in a prize draw for a trip to Galicia, which includes an academic tour of the three Universities of the region.


Each passport has an assigned number and on the 1st June at 13h the name of the winner will be revealed at the booth of Study in Spain (2023) at table 7. The name will be obtained by a random draw.


Do you wish to participate?

In case you are willing to participate in this raffle, we will kindly ask you to read the terms and conditions of the Universitates Compostelam. Remember that only representatives attending NAFSA will be able to take the path of the Universitates Compostelam and participate in the raffle.