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The Compostela Group welcomes the new Executive Secretary and a new member in the Executive Committee

Since the last week, the Secretariat of the Compostela Group of Universities has a new Executive Secretary and the Executive Committee has a new member on board.  

Teresa Carballeira, professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela, has been appointed as the Executive Secretary of the CGU, position previously held by the Prof Dr Isabel Lirola. This is her impression of the CGU: “As the Way of Saint James is the great cultural route, the Compostela Group of Universities aspires to be the great cultural university community, which embraces and applies the values of the Way. We will work on it hard with all the enthusiasm

Jan Pavlik has been designated as a new member of the Executive Committee, in behalf of the Masaryk University.He has joint this decision body established in September 2015; in his words: “Masaryk University, as one of the founding institutions of the CGU, has always been very active within the network, and I am very happy I have been given the opportunity to pick up the threads of the work of my predecessors, Vice-Rector Jiri Sramek and Director Don Sparling who were members of the CGU´s Executive Board in the previous years. I understand my membership in the EC as recognition of the position Masaryk University has acquired thanks to the attention it devotes continuously to the internationalization issues”.

Consult the members of the Executive Committee and their profiles here