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31 member universities of the CGU submitted placement offers for STELLA for Staff


The Compostela Group of Universities received placement offers from 31 members and seven from universities integrated into the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) for the mobility programme STELLA for Staff.

These universities submitted 68 placement offers through the online form, two of which were excluded as they were submitted after the deadline. Most of these offers have already been published on the STELLA for Staff programme page on the Compostela Group website, after having been confirmed by the Higher Education institutions that submitted them.

With the publication of the list offers, the Compostela Group of Universities has opened the call for applications for the 18 grants awarded by the network. These grants have an economic allocation of 1,000 euros each and applications must be submitted until 14 February 2019.

Before submitting an application for a grant, it is necessary to note that only the service staff of those member universities that have offered at least one placement will be eligible for mobility grant. For this reason, CONAHEC's university services staff may only apply for a non-granted mobility.

Once the deadline for the submission of applications has expired, a Selection Committee will be in charge of deciding on the beneficiaries of the granted and non-granted mobility. Soon the Compostela Group of Universities will publish on its website the composition of this committee.