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Launching of the VII International Video Contest of the Compostela Group of Universities


The Compostela Group of Universities launches the VII International Video Contest, a competition that awards the audiovisual talent and creativity of CGU students.

The videos submitted for the competition can be made by a student or a group of students of CGU member universities, in this case one of them will be designated as the official representative. The story of the video must relate to at least one of the topics designated for 2018’s edition:

  • Camino de Santiago.
  • European identity and culture.
  • Values of solidarity in Higher Education.

Besides, the videos must be original creations and comply with technical requirements specified in the guidelines for the VII International Video Contest.

How to submit an application?

To submit the application students should send the following documents to CGU’s Secretariat:

  • Signed application form.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Video presented to the contest.
  • Letter of support from the student home university.

The deadline to submit the applications is 31st March 2018.


A jury, composed by five members, will evaluate the videos according to the criteria detailed on the guidelines and select the winners of the first and second prize of the VII International Video Contest. The decision of the jury will be revealed during the month of May.

For this edition, the first prize is up to 1000 euro and the second 400 euros. The winners will also receive a diploma certifying the prize.

For more details, visit the page of the VII International Video Contest of the Compostela Group of Universities.