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Discover the list of placement offer of the mobility programmes STELLA for Staff and Junior


The lists of placement offer for the mobility programmes STELLA for Staff and STELLA Junior are available at the website of the Compostela Group of Universities since 6th April 2018.

In 2018, STELLA for Staff is structured in a single annual call and only intercontinental mobility will be admitted. When submitting an application, it should be noted that only services staff from Universities that have offered at least one placement will enter in the selection process for a granted mobility.

Before sending your application, visit the page of the placement offer and read the guidelines to ascertain that you provide the required documentation to apply for a granted mobility.

Regarding STELLA Junior, this year the programme is structured in two annual calls. Go to the page of placement offer to discover the mobility opportunities for the first call and take a look at the guidelines to make sure that you provide the requested documentation to apply for a mobility.

Deadline for submission of applications

For both mobility programmes, the deadline for sending the required documentation by email is 30th April 2018.