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STELLA Junior registers the largest students’ participation since its creation


STELLA Junior mobility programme experiences a large increase in student participation in the present call, the most successful since the launch of this initiative in 2014.


The Executive Secretariat of the Compostela Group of Universities received 23 applications for the STELLA Junior programme, one of which was received after the deadline and will not be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

In 2019 the record of student’s participation, which dated from 2015, was broken. Twenty-three student applications have been received in this call, five more than in the above-mentionned call.


 Social media STELLA Junior 2019

In addition, there has been a slight decrease in the participation of member universities. Four fewer universities participated in this call than in 2018, when 22 universities and institutions collaborated with the programme.


STELLA Junior 2019 STELLA Junior 2018
30 offers 31 offers
23 applications 15 applications
17 member universities took part by sending offers or applications 21 members universities took part by sending offers or applications. 1 offer submitted by the CGU