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University of Salamanca

Street: Patio de Escuelas 1

Postcode: 37008

City: Salamanca


Phone: +34 923 294 400



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History and Objectives: It was created in 1218 by Alfonso IX of León; he wanted to imitate the recently created universities of Bologna, Paris, Montpellier and Oxford. The main goals of the U. Salamanca is to focus on the creation of knowledge for the service of humanity and to emphasize scientific creativity, culture and innovation


Governing Team: Social Council, Senate, Council of Doctors and Governing Council (Rector, General Secretary and 7 Vice-rectors)


Grounds: Salamanca, Zamora, Ávila


Departments: 58 departments focus in the different subjects (Economy, Sciences, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Philology and History)


International Programmes: Alban, Alfa, Asia-link, ASEA, ASEF, Cultura 2000, Interuniversity (PCI, MAE-AECI), Hispano-Bazilian Cooperation Programme, UE-EEUU, UE-Canada, E-Learning-TIC, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Tempus, Federal Student Aid; Programme of Exchange Grants; member of Universia, CGU and Coimbra Group; international agreement with Europe, America, Africa and Asia.


Calendar: 1st term from October to December, 2nd term from January to March and 3rd term from April to June



Undergraduated Degrees

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Arabic and Islamic Studies; Art History; Classical Philology Studies; Eastern Asia; English Studies; Fine Arts; French Studies; Geography; German Studies; Hebrew and Aramaic Studies; Hispanic Philology; History; Humanities; Italian Studies; Languages, Literatures and Romance Cultures; Philosophy; Portuguese and Brazilian Studies; Translation and Interpretation; Undergraduate Degree History and Music Science.

SCIENCE: Biology; Biotechnology; Chemistry; Environmental Science; Geology; Mathematics; Physics

HEALTH SCIENCES: Dentistry; Medicine; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Pharmacy; Physiotherapy; Psychology

SOCIAL AND LEGAL SCIENCES: Audiovisual Communication; Businesss Administration and Mangement; Criminology; Early Childhood Education; Economics; Education; Labor Relations and Human Resources; Law; Political Science and Public Administration; Primary Education; SMB Management; Social Education; Statistics; Tourism; Undergraduate Degree in Information Sciences & Documentation; Undergraduate Degree in Social Work; Undergraduate Degree in Sociology

ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE: Agricultural Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Commercial Aviation Pilot and Air Operations; Computer Engineering; Computer Information Systems; Electrical Engineering; Engineering Design and Textile Technology; Engineering Mining and Energy Technology; Food Engineering; Geological Engineering; Geomatic Engineering and Surveying; Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering; Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering (E.P.S. of Zamora); Technical Architecture

University Masters

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Advanced Studies and Research in History. Societies, powers and identities; Advanced Studies in Philosophy; Advanced Studies in Art History; Advanced Studies in English: Languages and Cultures in Contact; Social studies of science and technology; Evaluation and Management of Cultural Heritage; Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language; Language and Hispanic Culture; Spanish Literature, Literary Theory and Comparative Literature; Logic and Philosophy of Science; Hispanic music; Textual heritage and digital Humanities; Texts of classical antiquity and Survival; Translation and Intercultural Mediation

SCIENCES: Agrobiotechnology; Advanced multivariate data analysis; Cellular and molecular biology; Biology and Conservation of Biodiversity; Environmental Science; Earth Sciences: Environmental Geology and applied; Physics; Nuclear Physics; Laser Physics and Technology; Chemistry; Theoretical chemistry and computational modeling

HEALTH SCIENCES: Biology and clinical cancer; Tropical diseases; Evaluation and drug development; Pathophysiology and Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology; Integrated management of cardiovascular risk; Intervention for People with Alzheimer's Disease; Neurosciences; Neuropsychology; Psychogerontology; General Health Psychology; Chemistry and Pharmacy, Natural Products; Communication Disorders: Neuroscience hearing and language; Support and Paliative Care Treatments for the Oncological Patient

SOCIAL AND LEGAL SCIENCES: Law and Public Policies Economic Analysis; Applied Anthropology: Health and Community Development; Anthropology of Latin America; Political Sciences; International Development Cooperation; Corruption and Rule of Law; Democracy and Good Governance; Labor law and labor relations; Criminal law; Patrimonial Private Law; Advanced Studies in learning difficulties; Advanced Studies in Education in the Global Society; Advanced Study of Language, Communication and their pathologies; Brazilian Studies; European Union Studies; Studies in East Asia; Gender Interdisciplinary Studies; Latin American Studies; Research in Management and Business Economics; Audiovisual Communication Research; Disability research; Secondary School Teaching, Vocational Training and Language Teaching Training; Public Services and Social Politics; Digital Information Systems; ICT in education: analysis and design of processes, resources and training practices

ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE: Engineering and Architecture Cartographic Geotechnologies; Agronomic Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Computer Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Intelligent Systems