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Worldwide recognition and dissemination strategies


  • Compostela Group-Xunta de Galicia International Prize: The Compostela Group-Xunta de Galicia International Prize is an annual award jointly given by the Compostela Group of Universities and the Galician Government. This award is given to an individual or institution for their work in disseminating international projects or ideas. The international recognition of the prize has increased in the last few years. Click here to see the list of the Compostela Group-Xunta de Galicia Prize winners.
  • Newsletters: since November 2010, the Compostela Group produces and delivers a periodic newsletter (every 3 or 4 months). This useful tool allows both our members and other institutions to receive the latest updates on the Compostela Group. We also include the news our members are interested in promoting, announcements seeking collaboration, new benefits for members and much more.
  • Our website: Compostela Group’s members are invited to send to the Secretariat the news they believe could be of interest for the rest of our community. News items will be posted on our network’s website as well as on our profiles in the different social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter…).
  • Profiles and groups on social networks: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. The CGU is aware of the importance of these new tools for immediate communication. We use them not only to keep the relationships between our members fluent, but also to contact the media (most news agencies are creating profiles on these sites to establish immediate communication with press offices). A wide presence on the networks is also important in itself.



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