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XXII General Assembly of the CGU

'From the Triple to the quadruple Helix: The Civil Society as a driver to University innovation"















Registration form - register before 11 September

Logistical information


 (download it in pdf)

Sunday, 18 September 15.00h Welcome cultural excusion to Peñíscola  
Monday, 19 September 15.00-15.30h Registration to the XXII CGU General Assembly Venue Hall, Postgraduate Building

Official opening of the XXII CGU General Assembly in the framework of the 25th Anniversary of the Universitat Jaume I by the Rector Magnificus of the University, Prof. Dr Vicent Climent, and by the President of the Compostela Group of Universities, Prof. Dr Marek Kręglewski

General Council meeting - part I

  • Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous General Council meeting (University of Santiago de Compostela, 24 September 2015)
  • Presentation of the applicant universities and institutions
  • New proposals and initiatives
17.00-17.30h Coffee break
General Council meeting - part II
  •  Annual report of the CGU activities
  •  Financial report
18.30-18.45h Award to the Compostela Video contest winner
18.45-19.00 Closure of the General council Meeting
20.00h Official reception by the City Council and dinner
Tuesday, 20 September 09.30-09.45h Formal opening of the journey

From the Triple to the Quadruple Helix

 Prof. Dr Per Kristensson (Professor at the Service Research Centre, Karlstad University, Sweden)

Venue Hall, Postgraduate Building
Compostela Research Pitches Contest

Presentation by Prof. Dr Inmaculada Fortanet (CGU Vice-president & Vice-rector of Internationalization, Cooperation and Multilingualism, Universitat Jaume I)

Winners of Research Pitches Contest at UJI

Comments by:

Prof. Dr Slavomir Rudenko (Director of Department for International Relations, Pan-European University, Slovakia)

Prof. Dr Manuel Freire-Garabal (Full Professor of Pharmacology, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Prof. Dr Carla Martins (Pro-Rector for Internationalization of Education, University of Minho, Portugal)

 Venue Hall, Postgraduate Building
  11.30-12.00h Coffee break  
III Compostela Dialogues in Higher Education
‘Improving Society through Ethics in Higher Education’

Round Table:

'Ethics in the university curricula', Prof. Dr Elsa González Esteban (Professor of Moral Philosophy, Universitat Jaume I)

'Ethics in university management', Prof. Dr Maurits van Rooijen (Rector & CEO of the London School of Business and Finance, United Kingdom)

'Ethics in media and communication policies', Ms Tone Kunst (President CIRCOM Regional)

'Ethics in research: interdisciplinarity focus as the new ethical challenge for science and society', Prof. Dr Jordi Garcés Ferrer (Full Professor of Social Policy and Social Services, Director of the University Institute of Welfare Policies, Universitat de València, Spain)

 Venue Hall, Postgraduate Building




Compostela Café
‘The Internationalization as a Key Element of the Quadruple Helix:  University, Industry, Government and Society’
Introductory report

Three thematic tables:


a) The internationalization of the university and its impact on the production sector Introduction by Mr Bruno de Bièvre, President UBE Corporation Europe

Chair/rapporteur: Prof. Dr Gylla Zeller (Vice-rector for Connections and Strategic Affairs, University of Pécs, Hungary)


Room FF0103AA, Postgraduate Building


b) The government role in the internationalization of the university

Introduction by Dr Luis Delgado Martínez, Advisor of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government

Chair/rapporteur: Prof. Ann Langenakens  (Vice-principal of Academic & Students Affairs, Erasmus University College Brussels, Belgium)


Room FF0104AA, Postgraduate Building


c) University internationalization and society

Introduction by Mr Fernando Ojea, Secretary CIRCOM Regional

Chair/rapporteur: Ms Carina Eriksson (International Coordinator, Karlstad University, Sweden)


Room FF0105AA, Postgraduate Building

     Conclusions presented by each chair  Venue Hall, Postgraduate Building

Presentation of the venue for the XXIII General Assembly

  18.00h  Formal closure of the XXII General Assembly

Awarding of the Marble Compostela Shell to the Rector Magnificus of the Universitat Jaume I, Prof. Dr Vicent Climent, by the President of the Compostela Group of Universities, Prof. Dr Marek Kręglewski


Presentation Ceremony of the XX International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia 2016 to CIRCOM Regional


Gala dinner

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