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International Video Contest

Edition VII


The video ‘Pilgrim voices of Santiago’, presented by the student  Horalia Lizette Vazquez Valdivia from the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) received the first prize of VII International Video Contest. As for the second prize, it was awarded to ‘Union is Strength’. presented by a group of students from the same university. Esmeralda Consuelo García Chavira and Angel Enrique Rodriguez Rivera are the authors of the video and the song, respectively.



Edition VI


The video "It is your choice", presented by a group of student from the Universitat Jaume I (Spain), obtained the 1st prize of the VI International Video Contest. The authors are Fran Andújar de Andrés, Salva Aparici Martínez, Pablo Blasco Zarzoso and Emilio José Bort Moreno. The video "Diversity fosters creativity", submitted by Augustė Paulauskaitė from the Kazimieras Simonavicius University (Lithuania) obtained the 2nd prize. The Compostela Group of Universities has cordially invited both winners to attend the XXIII General Assembly at the University of Pécs (Hungary).



Edition V


The video "The art gallery", presented by a student from the Universitat Jaume I (Spain), was the winner of the V International Video Contest. The author is Ander Caram Asensi, who attended the XXII General Assembly at Universitat Jaume I (Spain) and received the certificate.


Edition IV


The video "One message by word of mouth", presented by a team of students from the Universitat Jaume I (Spain), was the winner of the IV International Video Contest. The authors are Alicia Bolado Collado, Mª Rosa González Vilás, Lorena Ramos Gozalbo, Néstor Redó Arenós and  Ester Soriano Barceló. Three of them attended the XXI General Assembly at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in representation of the team, and received the certificate, after the video screening. 



Edition III

The video “Year Abroad: Make the Most of It”, presented by a team of students from the University of Roehampton (United Kingdom), was elected as winner of the III International Video Contest. Its creators are Morgane Allard-Le Berre, Albert Bellés Chorva, Elena Churakova, Andrea Estrada and Judit Hideg. Andrea represented the team at the CGU's XX General Assembly (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland), where she was given a certificate and the CGU Delegates and Rectors had the chance to watch the video.



Edition II

The winner of the II International Video Contest for Students was 'Future', by Fernanda Flota and Miguel Tafich, students from the University of Monterrey (UDEM, Mexico). Fernanda accepted the prize at the CGU's General Assembly, which took place on 19-21 September 2013 in Nantes (France). The video was played during the event, and she was awarded with a certificate. Besides, the film was disseminated through the different digital platforms of the CGU.



Edition I

Two students from the University Mayor (Chile), David Jara and Ignacia Guzmán, won the first edition of the CGU's International Video Contest. You can watch their video, 'Momentos' here: