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Compostela-Xunta de Galicia prize


Miguel Siguan Soler, VIII International Compostela-Xunta de Galicia Prize



The Jury for the 2004 award was presided over by Celso Currás, Regional Minister for Education and Universities of the Galician Government, and composed by Dr. Michael Cooper, President of the Compostela Group of Universities, Prof. Dr. Maurits van Rooijen, Delegate of the Rector of Westminster University (United Kingdom), Prof. Dr. Frank Roos, Rector of Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels (Belgium), Dr. Ángel Sicart Giménez, Regional Director of Cultural Heritage and Prof. Dr. José Eduardo López Pereira, Regional Director of Universities. Gathered last 7th May at the Rectorate of Santiago de Compostela University, the Jury decided unanimously to award this 2004 prize to Prof. Dr. Miguel Siguan Soler, great researcher and professor on Psycholinguistics and expert on minority languages in the European Community.


Curriculum Vitae


Born in Barcelona in 1918, married to María Luisa Boehmer, three children, four grandchildren.


He studied at the University of Barcelona. As all members of his generation he saw his studies interrupted by the Spanish civil war in which participated in the lines of the republican army. After some time as a teacher of secondary education and a stay in England at the London School of Economics he introduced in Spain the modern industrial psychology understood as social psychology of the work and in the field of the social psychology he was a pioneer with his study of emigration. His book From the country to the suburb he received the Spanish National Prize of Literature.


In 1962 he was appointed Professor of Psychology at the University of Barcelona and from this post he guided the extraordinary development of the psychology in the University, where in few years it passed from being a subject of the philosophy section to be object of graduate studies at a Faculty with thousands of students.


In 1969 he was appointed director of the Institute of Education Sciences at the same University of Barcelona; he has an outstanding intervention in the changes of the educational system that the political transition and the autonomy of Catalonia brought. He also changed the orientation of his scientific work as a researcher and professor, devoted mainly from this moment to the psycholinguistic and the study of the childrens language, as well as the problems related to bilingualism in all its aspects. The fact that in Catalonia the Catalan, a different language to Spanish, is widely spoken, and the great changes that the introduction of Catalan as a teaching language caused, explain his special interest in the study of these matters. In 1974 he organized a Seminar on Languages and Education which, from that year, has been organised annually in Sitges.


Also in connection with the linguistic topics, the European Community asked him to prepare the report on the minority languages in the European Community. In 1993 he directed the survey of the Spanish Sociologic Investigations Centre (CIS) on Knowledge and use of the languages in Spain in the Autonomous Communities with a language of their own. Among his most recent books are Plurilingual Spain and The Europe of the Languages, both translated to several languages.


At the present time he is an Emeritus Professor of Barcelona University and Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, in which he continues coordinating the Anuario de Psicología, created in 1969. Coordinator of the UNESCO scientific project LINGUAPAX, member of the European Academy and Honorary Degrees by the Universities of Geneva and the Basque Country. In May 2000 he has organised the 22 Seminar on Languges and Education, with the topic: Plurilinguism and Education.


Published books.

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published in United States, 1987.
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1998 The School and the Immigrants.