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Compostela-Xunta de Galicia prize


Helsinki Group on Women and Science, X International Prize Compostela Group-Xunta de Galicia



The Jury for the 2006 award was presided over by Mrs. Laura Sánchez Piñón, Regional Minister for Education and University Development of the Galician Goverment, and composed by Dr. Michael Cooper, President of the Compostela Group of Universities; Mrs. Nessima Tarchouna, Delegate of the Rector of Centre-Sousse (Tunisia); Dr. Petr Fiala, Rector of Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic); Dr. Diego Sales Márquez, Rector of the University of Cádiz; Dª Ánxela Bullago, Regional Minister for Culture and Sports; D. José Ramón Leis Fidalgo, Regional Director for University Development and Quality of Galician University System, Gathered last 19th May at the Rectorate of Santiago de Compostela University, the Jury decided unanimously to award this 2006 prize to The Helsinki Group On Women And Science.


Curriculum Vitae


In November 1999, the Commission set up the Helsinki Group on Women and Science, where the 15 EU Member States and the 15 countries associated to the Fifth Framework Programme are presented. The mandate of the Group is to promote discussion and exchange of experiences on the measures and policies, which have been devised and implemented at local, regional, national and European level of encourage the participation of women in scientific research. It is also to provide sex-disaggregated statistics to assess the situation facing women scientists in al these countries.


The current report National policies on women and science in Europe is unique in that it describes the categories of measures being developed in the 30 European countries represented in the Helsinki Group to promote women in science; it also includes national statistical profiles that were designed, for the first time, for al 30 countries participating in the Helsinki Group.


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