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Euronews wins the XVII International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia



The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU), closed its XIX annual meeting with the presentation ceremony of the International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia. The award, jointly given every year with the Galician Government, aims at recognizing people or institutions that stand out for their commitment to the diffusion of international projects or ideas, dealing specially with the promotion of the European common ideal, the education and the preservation of our cultural heritage.


This year's laureate was Euronews, which Director for External Relations, Grégoire de Rubiana, accepted the Prize in an event presided over by the President of the Compostela Group, Maurits van Rooijen, the Rector of the University of Nantes, Olivier Laboux and the Rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela, Juan Casares Long. The Xunta de Galicia delegated in Casares Long, who read a letter on behalf of the Regional Minister for Culture, Education and University Development, Jesús Vázquez Abad.


XVII International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia

Michael Peters, General Director of Euronews, thanked the Prize through a video: “We are very proud to receive this prize, which awards a free and independent channel”, stated. He also stressed the “happy coincidence that both the Compostela Group of Universities and Euronews are two entities with a promising future that are celebrating their respective 20th anniversary soon”.


The jury of the Prize decided in July to award Euronews for its contribution as a creator and transmitter of news stories from a European point of view. The representative of Euronews at the General Assembly, Grégoire de Rubiana, announced that the monetary prize (6.000 euro) will be donated to the United Nations Refugees Agency and especially to their current work in Syria.


Euronews is a television channel that produces simultaneously news and programmes in 13 language services: Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Although it was born as a service for Europe, Euronews ended up broadcasting worldwide, –in Europe, America and North Africa-. It currently reaches 400 million households in 155 countries via cable, digital satellite and terrestrial windows.