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International Award Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia


In 1996 the Compostela Group of Universities and the Department of Culture, Social Communication and Tourism of the Galician Regional Government signed an agreement for the establishment of the Compostela Prize, a reward granted annually to one person or institution that has stood out due to his work in favour of the diffusion of international projects or ideas, dealing specially with the promotion of the European common ideal, the education and the preservation of our cultural heritage.


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Jacques Santer Vaclav Havel Helmut Rilling Cees Nooteboom Carla Del Ponte Alvaro Siza
Manuel Cecilio Diaz y Diaz Manuel Siguan Soler Wladyslaw Bartoszewski The Helsinki Group on Women and Science Prof. Manuel Castells Olivan Canal Arte
Amin Maalouf Mohamed ElBaradei Neelie Kroes logocollege  euronews lennart
logo_erasmus_plus_web CIRCOM_logo-infimo Marcelino Oreja Aguirre Prize Grupo Compostela Xunta de Galicia      


The Jury of the Compostela Prize is presided over by the President of the Galician Regional Government and formed by three important persons chosen by the Galician Regional Government: the Regional Minister of Education, Culture and University Development, the Secretary General for Universities and the Secretary General for Culture, and, on the part of the Compostela Group of Universities, the President and the Rectors of three universities of the Group which are chosen in the General Assembly previous to the meeting of the jury. The Secretary of the Compostela Group acts as secretary.


The Xunta de Galicia and the universities members of the Compostela Group may present annually candidatures to this prize, which is endowed with a sum of money and a commemorative golden medal with the shape of the shell, symbol during centuries of the pilgrimage to Santiago and image chosen for the Compostela Group of Universities.




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We recommend you to read the documents and visit the links below.


Documents and links:


- Guidelines 2018 (PDF) / Bases 2018 (PDF) / Bases 2018 galego (PDF) / Règles d’attribution 2018 (PDF)

- Addendum deadline (PDF) / Adenda fecha límite (PDF) / Adenda data límite (PDF) / Addenda date limite (PDF)

- Official form candidate (Word) / Formulario oficial candidatura (Word) / Formulario oficial da candidatura (Word) / Formulaire officiel candidature (Word)


Important deadlines:


Deadline for submission of nominations: 6th April 2018. Extended until 17th April 2018.