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Joint Workshop on International University-Enterprise Dialogue: Initiatives and Funding


The Santander Group and the Compostela Group of Universities are jointly organising a one-day workshop on developing relations between universities and enterprises. The main objective of the even is to present important conditions for enhancing the quality of practical placements for students, increasing the presence of entrepreneurs in the university activities, and tuning universities and enterprises for employability and entrepreneurship.


The workshop is addressed to university staff responsible for the implementation of the placement programmes and those in charge of the relations with industries.
The programme will portray the EU priorities and funding opportunities for the development of University - Enterprise dialogue. The European context will be supported by practice-based examples coming from both the European universities and entrepreneurs. The university viewpoint will be presented by the European University-Enterprise Network, the initiative oriented to support the EU initiative “New skills for new jobs”. The perspective of the entrepreneurs will draw from the experience of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (YES) founded in 1988. YES is the major association of young entrepreneurs throughout Europe representing 40.000 members and aiming to support and improve the economic and social performance of young entrepreneurship in Europe. As such, it is the largest dynamic network of entrepreneurs.
Key words of the seminar: Mutual knowledge, enhance motivation, tools for top-quality actions


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